East Adelaide School – Learning for Life


East Adelaide School offers a wide range of sports and skill development activities for all Foundation to Year 6 students.

Playing sport is an excellent way to encourage an appreciation of physical activity, team building and playing games to socially agreed rules and procedures. Training and matches are played before or after school or on weekends.

Teams are coached by volunteer parents. Please see Volunteering for requirements.

The out of school hours sports and activities are organised by the After School Sports Co-ordinator in consultation with the After School Sports Committee. Parents/carers are welcome to join or assist the Committee.

The school also runs many sporting activities and events during school time that are co-ordinated by the school Physical Education teacher.

These include events such as the Sports Day, Orienteering, Fun Runs, Tennis Hotshots, Football, Cricket and Soccer Clinics, SAPSASA district events such as athletics, participation in knockout competitions and state championships, interhouse sports and school championships.

Sport Documents