East Adelaide School – Learning for Life

Resource Centre

East Adelaide School resource centre is a hub of learning and an extension to other learning spaces. Extensive curated collections of fiction and non- fiction books are held in the picture book, junior and senior sections. We ensure that students access appropriate online resources through subscriptions to quality age- appropriate educational online data bases which have been developed by experts that provide quality films, articles and curated links that are aligned to the Australian curriculum. This ensures that we keep students safe whilst they work online.

The resource centre is managed by two staff members with the assistance of parent volunteers. The students in years 3-6 are taught how to select, gather and organise relevant information from current, authentic, authoritative sources and to present their research ethically in Guided Inquiry Design lessons. These lessons are planned in collaboration with classroom teachers in order to support areas of the curriculum. A strong emphasis is placed on History, Geography and Civics and Citizenship.

A reading culture is strongly promoted through a range of strategies to entice young readers to read often. The students are encouraged to have a sense of belonging to the resource centre through activities like having a choice in the literature that is purchased, writing book reviews, re-shelving and other tasks.

The resource centre is open at lunchtimes for relaxation, quiet reading, study, games, crafts and other activities.

It is … “the best place for resting your mind and going into another world.”
(Negoita, E. 2022)

There are adjoining spaces for meetings of small groups including our debating clubs, Maths Olympiad group and book clubs. An adjacent room is home to teacher resources and serves as an attractive space for teacher and student meetings or quiet planning.

“This library is a safe haven for 38 000 books. It is overflowing with fun and positive energy and plenty of places to sit! You will definitely find a book in this haven of peace. Prepare to sink into a beanbag, leave reality and run into your book.”
(Gray, H. 2022)