East Adelaide School – Learning for Life

Learning for Life

East Adelaide School
inspires a dynamic
community that is
caring, curious
and courageous.


Success looks different for everyone. At East Adelaide School, we’re proud of our students’ achievements academically, creatively and on the sporting field. We know developing the whole child allows them to flourish. Wellbeing for learning is central to our philosophy. We create a safe and supportive environment ensuring our students become confident and creative individuals with a strong sense of self-worth, purpose and optimism. Importantly, our students become self-directed learners for life. Learning is equally about the quality and art of teaching. Our teachers are highly qualified, passionate educators with a plethora of professional experience. Always at the forefront of educational trends, using a range of tools and resources to monitor success and provide regular feedback to refine and re-direct learning. East Adelaide teachers ensure the learning environment is positive and the learning is rigorous and challenging.

Curiosity and Courage

When students step outside their comfort zones, it creates extraordinary opportunities to learn. We encourage our students to be curious and courageous and take risks in their learning. They acquire new skills and develop the dispositions that help them bounce back from difficult situations, manage their disappointments and demonstrate resilience when faced with challenges. We reinforce that mistakes are opportunities to grow. Our students learn how to develop a positive mindset, so they are better equipped to navigate new situations, inside and outside the classroom, independently and with grit.

Creativity and Fun

Learning to be creative is an important part of a child’s development and something we encourage. We believe that the more creativity you use, the more you have. Not only is creativity fun, but it also creates powerful learning, using the skills of critical and creative thinking across the curriculum. Our Performing Arts program allows students to explore the many forms of drama, dance and music, learning to perform in front of an audience and developing a wider appreciation of The Arts. We offer opportunities for students to play a range of musical instruments and encourage them to start at a young age. Creativity in The Arts has a significant place within our school and we invite parents to share the joy of watching their children performing throughout the year. Together we see confidence bloom.


Collaboration is a vital life skill, modelled by our teachers and taught and applied every day in the classroom. Students build collaborative skills by working in teams to problem solve, encouraging a multidisciplinary approach. We use digital platforms to communicate and learn from others, both locally and globally. Participation in extra-curricular activities is encouraged as it enhances these skills in different contexts and environments. These include sport, chess, debating and performing arts. The choice is yours. All reinforce the importance of teamwork, respectful relationships, and equal contribution. Our students develop the ability to negotiate, compromise, listen, and build on the ideas of others.


Life beyond school will invite many opportunities for leadership. Both big and small. Developing the building blocks of positive leadership at a young age makes being a leader not only less daunting, but also inviting. At East Adelaide School, we encourage students to practice active responsibility. Leadership skills are nurtured from an early age, with opportunities to apply for a range of roles in Year 6. By engaging in leadership and service roles, our students become confident and respectful communicators. They develop the creative and flexible mindset necessary to process and problem solve increasingly complex ideas, learning to work collaboratively. As our students begin to recognise the responsibility of leadership, they become solid role models for those in younger years. It’s an experience that serves them well into the future.


A strong community is the sum of its parts, and we are incredibly invested in ours. By working together with parents and the wider network, we foster a shared sense of belonging, pride, and passion for learning. We provide many ways for you to contribute to our community. You can share skills and expertise at specific events or coach a sporting team. We seek volunteers for the canteen, classroom, excursions and camps. Those who join the Governing Council play an important role in our decision-making. As a member of our Parents and Friends Association, you’ll work in partnership with the Governing Council to raise funds. We nurture relationships and ignite new ones by organising a range of fun-filled informal and formal events for everyone to enjoy