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The Parent Representatives’ role builds class community through increasing connections between and with families and school.

Why Be a Parent Representative?
Volunteers make a big difference to our students, both in the additional adult time that children have access to, along with the broader range of activities that can be offered. However volunteering also brings personal benefits*. (see end of document)

The Role
Parent classroom representatives (one or two parents from each class) encourage awareness, participation and build a sense of community among their child’s class and year level team.

The role includes:

  • Welcoming new families into the class at the start of the year and through the year via a welcome note or email.
  • Organising social class get togethers so that parents and children can meet in an informal setting.

eg plays at Joslin Reserve, drinks or dinners at a local hotel, bottle and plate night, parent morning / coffee and cake (remembering that some events may be more or less inclusive depending on cultural background and availability of parents).

  • Producing a class buzz list with the assistance of the teacher and circulating this amongst the families of children in the class.
  • Recruiting support and assistance for other community activities within the school, eg Sports Day, fundraising events.
  • Organising class parents to support other special functions.
  • Encouraging parents to read the school and class newsletters.

What the parent rep role is not:

  • To know everything (refer parents to class teacher or front office as necessary).
  • To remind other parents of everything (refer parents to newsletter, website, App notification, class newsletter, notice board as appropriate).
  • Complaints Management (refer parents to the school parent complaint policy available on the website).

Role of Parent Rep from Parents and Friends:

  • Communicate with parent reps when support is needed for whole school events.
  • Manage communication between the school and parent reps, via the school leader on PnF and/or Principal.

Role of class teacher:

  • Seek nominations from parents to be a parent class rep.
  • Talk with parent class reps about communication processes to be used (email, noticeboard, etc…).
  • Talk with parent class reps about possibilities for unit or year level get togethers.

Role of School Principal:

  • Facilitate an annual meeting for parent reps to meet, receive induction, clarify queries and respond to questions.
  • Inform reps of admin liaison personnel.

Role of Admin Liaison Personnel:

  • Respond to parent class rep coordinator questions.
  • Assist with promotion of events via App and newsletter.


  • The parent rep role statement is distributed to all parents to ensure common understanding of the role.
  • Role Statement is posted on school website.

Process in becoming a Rep:

  • Parents invited through teacher communication and at Acquaintance Night.
  • Principal facilitates a meeting early on in term one (and once reps are known).
  • Goal is to have parent reps identified on the evening of Acquaintance Night in term 1 (usually week 3 of term 1) so they can be introduced to the class parent group.
  • Parent reps will be invited to a ‘get together’ once per term.
  • When letter goes home at the end of the year informing about class placement for the following year, include a note asking parents to think about class rep role.
  • Promote the role at Reception information night in term 4 each year.
  • For EALD families, offer language support through connecting to families in other classes.

Parents and Friends Committee determines the school’s major fundraising activities. This calendar of events is shared with the community via newsletter each term.

These and student generated fundraising events can be promoted by parent reps.

Information on requirements for volunteers is available on the volunteering page.

* “One of the healthiest things we can do is to volunteer. Volunteering leads to healthier, happier, and longer lives.” Nielsen, T. W. (2013). Meaningful Living

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