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Curriculum - Physical Education

Physical Education is one of the core components of the Curriculum delivered at East Adelaide School. Each East Adelaide Student from Reception to Year 7 participates in the P.E. Program delivered by a specialist teacher.

The basis of the program is the FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT SKILLS – Locomotion, Ball Control, Throwing, Tracking and Trapping, Kicking, Striking; which is taught Reception to Year 5. These skills are practised in fun games and drills.

The Middle Years Students (Year 6 / 7) put those skills into practise using the “Gamesense Approach” which incorporates minor games.

East Adelaide School is a HOT SHOTS Tennis Provider

Gymnastics and Dance / Movement are also a part of the Physical Education Program.

Year 5 / 6 / 7 students also have the opportunity to participate in SAPSASA interschool competitions.

Our school ethos encompasses the link that Physical Education has to Student Well-being, Student Engagement and Healthy Living.