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Curriculum - Languages

Learning languages

  • extends the capability to communicate and extends literacy repertoires
  • strengthens understanding of the nature of language, of culture and of the processes of communication
  • develops intercultural capability
  • develops understanding of and respect for diversity and difference, and an openness to different perspectives and experiences
  • develops understanding of how culture shapes world view and extends learners’ understanding of themselves, their own heritage, values, culture and identity
  • strengthens intellectual and analytical capabilities and enhances creative and critical thinking
  • broadens students’ horizons in relation to the personal, social and employment opportunities that an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world presents


The place of Italian language in Australian education

Italian is and has been for many years, one of the major community languages in Australia. It has been taught in Australian schools and universities since the 1930s.

Italian has many commonalities and connections with English, sharing many Latin-derived words and operating with the same Roman alphabet. The meaning of many Italian words can be instantly recognised through their similarity to English. Overall, the Italian language is not linguistically and culturally ‘distant’ for English-speaking learners. It is mostly a phonetic language, pronounced generally as it is written, which is helpful especially in the development of listening and speaking skills. There is clear emphasis on all syllables, and intonation follows regular rhythms and patterns.

-Australian Curriculum: November, 2013

Teaching and Learning Content Structure

The content of the Australian Curriculum: Languages is organised through two interrelated strands. Teaching and learning of Italian for our R-7 students at East Adelaide School will reflect the content of these two strands:

Communicating: Using language for communicative purposes in interpreting, creating and exchanging meaning.

Understanding: Analysing and understanding language and culture as resources for interpreting and shaping meaning in intercultural exchange.

-Australian Curriculum: November, 2013

Italian language learning is one of the core components of the curriculum delivered at East Adelaide School.

Each East Adelaide student from reception to year 7 participates in the second language program delivered by specialist language teachers.

The opportunity of learning Italian is rewarding and fun for our students as they engage in high quality diverse experiences focusing on enjoyment, literacy development and intercultural understanding.

Some of the experiences students have engaged in; cooking traditional food, attending bi-lingual performances and languages festivals, using technology tools in the classroom, and using a text as a springboard for their learning.

First Language Maintenance Development

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